Who is Mr. Weazley?

When Mr. Weazley (Benjamin Thode) was 11 years old, he traded in Curaçao for The Netherlands. In this cold little country, he got acquainted with the world of Hip Hop, but of course the sounds of the sunny carribean were already in his blood.

Benjamin Thode aka Mr Weazley is a rising artist born in Curaçao on the Caribbean islands. At the age of eleven he moved to The Netherlands and got caught up in the world of hip-hop. He started out as an MC in clubs and later became one of the lead singers in the reggae band called Leeways. In 2017 he started his solo project. In that year Weazley and his fellow musicians found a fresh love for Afro Beat. And so they started paving a new path for themselves.

Singer Benjamin Thode and Guitarist Andrej Bragin have been playing together for quite some time already. In 2014 they won the grand prize of The Netherlands when the band was still known as the Leeways. However, they decided to make a new start and rebranded their band to Mr. Weazley. Similarities to their old band are there more then enough, even if it was because the entire old band moved with Thode to the new one. With 2 new wind instrument players added to the formation, the band now fully focuses on a unique mix of Reggae, Afrobeat and Hip hop.